Volume 5, Issue 2, December 2018, Page: 87-95
Researches on a Martian Modular Base Shielded by an Artificial Magnetic Field
Marco Peroni, Marco Peroni Ingegneria, Faenza, Italy
Received: Sep. 11, 2018;       Accepted: Oct. 11, 2018;       Published: Nov. 7, 2018
DOI: 10.11648/j.ajae.20180502.13      View  1037      Downloads  145
This proposal for the future colonization of Mars starts from the purpose of creating an expandable and modular community made of elements as transparent as possible with large windows that allow the view of Martian landscape as to mitigate psychologically effects derived from long stay away from planet Earth. To realize this aim, it will be necessary to protect the settlement from the dangerous cosmic rays that the Martian atmosphere could not sufficiently shield, at least in relation to the long period of stay expected for the future settlers. It will be demonstrated that it is possible to reach this goal by positioning the inhabited elements of the future base below a huge toroid made of electric cables driven by high voltage current that generates externally a magnetic field strong enough to shield the cosmic rays but, at the same time, almost null inside of it. To confirm this hypothesis, it has been realized a scale model of the Martian base, made by some electric cables arranged around a toroidal frame and run by low voltage current. The tests demonstrate that inside the toroid section the magnetic field is actually almost null, while outside it reaches values directly proportional to the current intensity that has been used to power the system.
Mars Colonization, Human Settlements, Magnetic Field, Cosmic Rays, Magnetic Shield
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